This project supports one of the university’s principal focuses: making investments across campus to help our faculty, students, and staff do their best work. This support will allow them to solve problems, discover new opportunities, and lead the charge toward a better future. – President Salovey

Program, Commitment, Roles & Approach

NGN will deliver a more reliable and secure method of transmitting data, essential for faculty research, particularly in the growing areas of science and engineering. The network’s foundation will include a security model, suitable for the openness required by a research institution, resulting in strong protection for high-risk use and allowing increased freedom for lower-risk use.

Who We Are

The project team is comprised of Project Managers, Change Managers, Technical Teams and Helpdesk Support folks. Here is the NGN Leadership Team

What We’re Doing

Transitioning the Yale community to the more secure, and more reliable NGN.

How We’re Doing It

We take a campus by campus, building by building approach, ensuring that community members are informed and prepared before any network changes occur.

Follow Our Progress

The NGN Team is working diligently to enable modern network technologies to truly advance and support Yale’s way of working, teaching, researching, and do-ing. To see a real time status of building transitions visit the NGN Status page.

Partner Resources

Once you’ve taken a peek at our Status page, you’ll want to visit our Timeline page to see when your building will transition. The Resource page is your one-stop shop to get prepared; user-friendly guides, resources, and more!