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The Next Generation Network (NGN) project, fundamental to helping advance Yale’s teaching, research, and health service mission and safeguarding the campus community’s information is underway. The multi-year project will provide a more modern, resilient, and secure Yale network to better meet the demands of the future.

NGN will deliver a more reliable and secure method of transmitting data, essential for faculty research, particularly in the growing areas of science and engineering. The network’s foundation will include a security model, suitable for the openness required by a research institution, resulting in strong protection for high-risk use and allowing increased freedom for lower-risk use.

Additionally, a shift to an intent-based, identity-first network paradigm is being designed. This will provide a significantly improved user experience, including better convergence with other Yale networks while also advancing Yale’s security posture significantly.

“This project supports one of the university’s principal focuses: making investments across campus to help our faculty, students, and staff do their best work. This support will allow them to solve problems, discover new opportunities, and lead the charge toward a better future,” said President Salovey.