Meet the Team

Welcome to the “Meet the Team” series. Join us behind the scenes to discover the people, passions, and expertise that drive the NGN project at Yale. Get to know the remarkable individuals shaping the future of connectivity, one story at a time.

Meet Bob Mazzola: Advanced Prep Coordinator

About Bob: Bob joined the NGN team over 4 years ago, stepping into his current role after supporting the pilot migration in February 2020. Prior to joining NGN, he spent nine years as a Distributed Support Provider (DSP), where he got the opportunity to work on the initial planning for NGN. His extensive background in IT support and his early involvement in NGN discussions... Read more

Meet Dan Massameno: Director of Network and Cloud Architecture

About Dan: With a career spanning over three decades in IT and network design, Dan began his journey with Yale when he joined the NGN program six years ago as Director of Network and Cloud Architecture. His previous experience includes positions in... Read more

Meet Hassam Rehman: Project Manager

About Hassam: Hassam joined the NGN team as a seasoned Project Manager, equipped with experience managing a variety of IT initiatives across diverse organizations. He has managed projects such as network migrations, A/V upgrades, office moves, and... Read more

Meet Debra Houle: IT Associate Director in FAS-SEAS IT

About Debra: Debra has more than 12 years’ experience within Yale ITS and began working with the NGN project roughly three years ago. A lifelong learner with degrees from Dartmouth College and Wesleyan University, Debra was eager to learn about NGN and... Read more

Meet Tanvir "Tan" Azad: NGN Advanced Prep Tech

About Tan: With almost a year of service on the NGN project, Tan brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his role. Equipped with a Master of Science from Central Connecticut State University and practical expertise from previous roles, including... Read more

Meet David Irwin: Senior Network Engineer

About David: David is a Senior Network Engineer on the NGN project. He joined the program with a considerable background in network engineering, having worked on a diverse set of projects and with a wide range of technology. David has a knack for... Read more

Meet David Highsmith: ITS Manager of Network Operations

About David: David is a seasoned professional with an impressive 36 years at the University. For 33 of those years, David has worked in Network Support, where his role has evolved in tandem with the University's expanding network. He has been deeply... Read more

Meet Neha Agrawal: FTS Portfolio Manager

About Neha: Neha Agrawal, the Foundational Technology Services (FTS) Portfolio Manager in ITS, brings over a decade of financial expertise to the NGN team. With an extensive background in foundational technology services, Neha’s financial... Read more

Meet Kyle Hack: OCM Specialist

About Kyle: Coming from a robust background in Learning & Development, Kyle’s expertise in change management principles and training practices has been instrumental in explaining highly technical concepts in an accessible manner. His refined... Read more

Meet Kevin O'Donnell: Network Engineer

About Kevin: As a Network Engineer, Kevin plays a pivotal role on the NGN team, contributing his expertise to shape the future of Yale’s network. He joins the project from a background in educational IT and with a passion for networking and WiFi... Read more

Meet Hank Ripperger: NGN Program Manager

About Hank: Hank Ripperger has been an integral part of the NGN project since its inception in early 2019. He finds it remarkable to see the processes and tools he helped create take shape within the project. Hank comes from an IT background in... Read more

Meet Jim Bruton: Senior Project Manager

About Jim: Jim Bruton, our Senior Project Manager, has been with the NGN project for two and half years. His remarkable journey has seen him excel in various industries, fostering essential project management skills along the way. Jim’s... Read more

Meet David Woyciesjes: Transition Support Coordinator

About David: David, often known as Dave, is the Transition Support Coordinator on the NGN team, wearing multiple hats to ensure the smooth transition of networked devices and contributing significantly to successful migrations.

David... Read more