July 2023 - June 2024 (FY 24)

  • The NGN team has migrated over 150 buildings across Yale’s campus to date; check our list for details!
  • Meet the Team” series is now featured on the NGN website, familiarizing the many faces of this wide-ranging effort within our Yale community  
  • The NGN program continues to partner with the registrar’s office and building champions to reduce internet outage impact on Yale classes
  • Community notices have been updated to deliver the most pertinent information at the right time leading up to migration, with links to helpful resources
  • Multiple avenues exist for community feedback, from the “Tell Us” icon on the NGN website to the survey opportunity upon notice of successful transition to NGN
  • Be on the lookout for a new superhero with a familiar face, who will be posted in your buildings and around campus to let you know that NGN is coming
  • Welcomed 6 new team members in the first four months of FY24
    • John - Telecom, Mary - Project Manager, Kenneth - Wireless, Ayesha - Project Coordinator, Gina - OCM, Bill - Transition Support
  • NGN migrated more buildings in Q1 of FY24 than all of FY23
  • August 2023 was the largest migration month yet with 14 buildings migrated
  • The NGN program migrated its first Resident Hall over to NGN
  • Post-migration surveys are implemented and show positive feedback from the Yale community about the NGN program’s work 
  • NGN building migrations are being completed faster, reducing impact on community members

July 2022 - June 2023 (FY 23)

  • Migrated 24 buildings over to NGN - 95 total  
  • The NGN program completed the migrations of all Medical Campus buildings
  • The NGN wireless team deployed 1,968 access points across the completed Yale Medical Campus
  • The NGN wireless team deployed 703 access points as part of the Wireless Upgrade Initiative
  • NGN full team, on-site workshops throughout the year, resulting in continuous program improvements

July 2021 - June 2022 (FY 22)

  • Migrated 50 buildings over to NGN - 71 total
  • The NGN program completed the migrations of of all VA Campus buildings
  • The NGN program completed the migrations of all Athletic Field buildings

July 2020 - June 2021 (FY 21)

  • Migrated 21 buildings over to NGN 
  • 25 Science Park transitioned to the NGN wired network
  • 205/221 Whitney Avenue pilot building: wired and wireless networks transitioned to NGN core as ITS Production building
  • 100 Church Street South pilot building: wired and wireless networks transitioned to NGN core and managed as ITS Production building

July 2019 - June 2020 (FY 20)

  • New Cisco core network equipment deployed