Meet Tanvir “Tan” Azad: NGN Advanced Prep Tech

Monday, February 26, 2024
About Tan: With almost a year of service on the NGN project, Tan brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his role. Equipped with a Master of Science from Central Connecticut State University and practical expertise from previous roles, including Trinity Health and Amazon, Tan blends academic competency with real-world adaptability. His MBA from Sydney, Australia, further broadens his organizational knowledge, making him a versatile asset to NGN. 
Tan’s NGN Journey: As an Advanced Prep Tech, Tan plays an important role in ensuring seamless building migrations to NGN. His responsibilities include preparing network-connected devices, conducting assessments, and overseeing network continuity during transitions. Tan’s focus is on maintaining connectivity to allow users to continue their work without disruptions. He finds excitement in the diverse interactions he has throughout the building migrations. Tan values the collaborative team environment, leveraging support from colleagues and management for successful outcomes. Tan advises having a continual thirst for learning, prioritizing detail and client satisfaction, and, when in doubt, leaning on your team.  
Technological Advancements: Tan underscores the importance of a modern, resilient network, vital for advancing research, particularly in science and engineering domains. The innovative security model not only enhances user experience but also fortifies Yale’s security posture. 
Proud Achievements: Tan takes pride in overcoming challenges during the migration of Yale labs. Successfully navigating migrations in labs like KCL, SCL, CRB, and Becton required meticulous attention and close coordination with Principal Investigators. Tan’s accomplishment lies in ensuring a seamless transition and keeping impacts to research at a minimum. 

Beyond the Job: Outside of work, Tan enjoys outdoor activities like mountain hiking,
 photography, and kayaking. Conquering peaks like Mount Whitney and Mount Washington fuels his sense of accomplishment, while photography allows him to capture and share the beauty of nature. He’s a devoted fan of The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the NSW rugby league and Australian cricket, a nod to his connection to Sydney, Australia. Tan has a deep passion for astronomy, particularly the Voyager 1
 and 2 spacecraft launched by NASA. These probes, venturing into interstellar space, fascinate Tan with their enduring performance and invaluable data about our solar system and beyond.
Campus Favorite: Sterling Memorial Library is a standout campus spot for Tan, thanks to its blend of architectural grandeur and intellectual richness. You may find him immersing himself in research, exploring their collections, or finding comfort in its quiet corners. 
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