Meet Neha Agrawal: FTS Portfolio Manager

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
About Neha: Neha Agrawal, the Foundational Technology Services (FTS) Portfolio Manager in ITS, brings over a decade of financial expertise to the NGN team. With an extensive background in foundational technology services, Neha’s financial management skills have been honed over many years. Her ability to mentor project managers and streamline financial processes has made her an asset to her department and has also improved the efficiency of FTS programs. Her commitment to simplifying financial procedures and enhancing transparency has marked her as a leader in the financial landscape.
Neha’s NGN Journey: Neha has been with NGN since its inception, and in 2022, she assumed a larger role, overseeing the program’s financial health. This transition brought both challenges and excitement. As the FTS Portfolio Manager, Neha navigates the intricate financial terrain of NGN. Her responsibilities include budget management, forecasting, cost control, and precise financial reporting. Neha ensures that financial insights are effectively communicated to stakeholders, facilitating informed decisions and propelling the program toward success. She and her team have worked to streamline financial processes, resulting in noticeable cost reductions. Resilience and adaptability stand out as key lessons learned with NGN. When facing challenges, Neha finds that teamwork and clear communication are keys to success. Collaborative efforts and consistent leadership support have made working on the NGN team a great experience.
Tech Innovation: Neha finds NGN’s ‘Clustering’ approach to be an exciting innovation. This provides a well-organized fiber cable infrastructure, promising a resilient and bandwidth-ready campus network.
Proud Achievements: Neha takes pride in her work on the transformation of the manual data entry process. She was able to build strong relationships with the project managers and work with them to streamline this tedious financial task, which led to introducing custom reports. This innovation eliminated the need for manual reconciliation, returning several hours a week to the project managers, allowing them to dedicate more time to focus on strategic planning. These changes to the financial processes both boosted productivity and enhanced efficiencies for the entire NGN team.
Beyond the Office: Neha enjoys any time she can spend outdoors, especially hiking and biking. She also has a passion for gardening, as it brings joy and relaxation. Karaoke nights with family and friends are her go-to for fun. From Bollywood to Hollywood, Neha enjoys a range of movies, and pizza from Colony Grill is her comfort food.
Favorite Campus Spots: Downtown and any green areas are Neha’s favorite spots on campus, where she loves taking walks or meeting with colleagues outside of the conference room. You may not know that Neha loves knitting and crocheting, and derives great joy out of seeing her creations showcased on family and friends.