Meet Kyle Hack: OCM Specialist

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

About Kyle: Coming from a robust background in Learning & Development, Kyle’s expertise in change management principles and training practices has been instrumental in explaining highly technical concepts in an accessible manner. His refined writing skills and ability to map and refine processes contribute significantly to the success of NGN’s migration initiatives. As an OCM Specialist on the NGN team, Kyle has seamlessly woven the intricate threads of communication and change management to ensure a smooth transition for the Yale community.

Kyle’s Journey with NGN: In his seven months on the project, Kyle has become a vital link between campus building leaders and the NGN team, utilizing his skills to translate technical jargon into easily digestible information for a diverse audience. Kyle’s primary responsibilities include providing clear and effective communication about migrations, building strong relationships with Yale leaders, and developing user guides, posters, articles, and other resources to guide users through the migration process. His keen ability to identify risks, pain points, and resistance within the migration process has led to innovative solutions that enhance the overall experience for the Yale community. Kyle’s advice is “Don’t be afraid to lean on your team! The NGN team is made up of an amazingly diverse group with so much knowledge and expertise between us. When in doubt, ask for help.”

Excitement and Challenges: For Kyle, the excitement lies in witnessing the continuous improvement of the migration process. NGN evolves dynamically, getting faster, more efficient, and more adept at preventing problems. However, the challenge arises from the diverse needs of the community, requiring tailored communication strategies for each building and campus. Adaptability and constant learning are key components of his role.

NGN’s Technological Impact: From Kyle’s perspective, one of the most thrilling aspects of NGN is its ability to allow for faster internet speeds and stronger Wi-Fi signals within buildings. These enhancements are crucial for supporting Yale’s growth and maintaining its status as a leading institution for education and research.

Proud Achievements: Kyle takes pride in the recent optimization of all OCM team communications. Shortening notices and highlighting only essential information ensures that the community receives the most pertinent details efficiently—an accomplishment that promises to enhance information dissemination.

Beyond the Office: Outside of work, Kyle’s passions extend to traveling, cooking, and keeping up with new technology and AI advancements. When it comes to a favorite food, his love for Skyline Chili is a nod to his Cincinnati roots. As for traveling, Kyle has visited 18 countries across North America, South America, and Europe and has lived in France and Belgium. He is also fluent in French and enjoys learning new languages, adding an international flair to the NGN team.