Meet Jim Bruton: Senior Project Manager

Monday, November 13, 2023

About Jim: Jim Bruton, our Senior Project Manager, has been with the NGN project for two and half years. His remarkable journey has seen him excel in various industries, fostering essential project management skills along the way. Jim’s expertise spans technology, where he reimagined satellite systems for news coverage and added telemedical capabilities. He also served as a clinical lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine, managed global communications for UNICEF, and led voice and video telecommunications for Ernst & Young LLC. Jim’s Emmy-winning work in film production and his experiences as an NBC News broadcaster in war zones have also contributed to his diverse skill set.

Today, Jim applies this wealth of experience to the NGN project, ensuring its success as Yale’s network evolves into the Next Generation.

Jim’s Journey with NGN: Joining the NGN project in May of 2021, Jim has quickly become an essential part of the team. For him, every day is an exciting challenge that the team faces head-on, turning obstacles into opportunities. Failure is not in his vocabulary. His key responsibilities as a PM include solving diverse problems, status reporting, managing interdependencies, and keeping the project moving forward. Jim’s pride lies in the team’s ability to work together and achieve ambitious goals. “One Team, One Success” is the motto he lives by. He encourages his colleagues to embrace the power of imagination, recognizing its potential to surpass our capacity to know.

Tech Enthusiast: Jim finds the excitement in the NGN project not just in the technology itself, but in the process of refinement, especially regarding issue reporting and response. It’s all about improving the way technology serves the Yale community.

Beyond the Office: Jim’s passions extend beyond work to early aviation, where he has built and flown two reproduction aircraft. He’s a lifelong learner, staying updated on world news and technology innovations. A dedicated world explorer, he has visited all 7 continents, ventured to the Titanic, the North Pole, and several visits to Mount Everest. Jim has a love for cooking and diverse cuisines and he’s also a published author with two books to his name. Many of his colleagues may not know that Jim had a life-altering near-death experience following a plane crash in 2016, a moment that reshaped his perspective on life.

Favorite Campus Spot: When he’s not working, Jim’s preferred place on campus is “The Green.”