Meet Hassam Rehman: Project Manager

Monday, March 25, 2024
About Hassam: Hassam joined the NGN team as a seasoned Project Manager, equipped with experience managing a variety of IT initiatives across diverse organizations. He has managed projects such as network migrations, A/V upgrades, office moves, and database builds. These projects contribute to the knowledge he brings to the NGN project, and combined with his technical expertise, enable him to expertly navigate the intricacies of the NGN program.
Hassam’s NGN Journey: In his role as Project Manager, Hassam heads initiatives to facilitate a seamless transition to NGN across Yale’s campus. Collaborating closely with his team, campus stakeholders, and leadership, he orchestrates and fine tunes migration plans, ensuring resources are effectively coordinated and communication channels remain open. Some of Hassam’s key contributions to this project have been identifying places for improvement in the team’s planning phase and implementing updates to save time and deliver a smoother transition. Drawing from his experience, Hassam underscores the importance of swift escalation and always having a Plan B. He finds excitement in the dynamic challenges posed by each migration. He understands that tailoring strategies to suit the unique requirements of each campus building allows for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the migration process. Working alongside a diverse array of individuals continually allows him to forge strong relationships and set high standards for future migrations.
Innovative Technology: Among the most thrilling aspects of the NGN project is the introduction of self-healing network technology. Hassam is particularly excited about its ability to isolate impacts and actively mitigate potential issues, ensuring a robust and resilient network infrastructure for Yale’s campus.
Proud Achievements: Leading his team to migrate the highest number of buildings on the project stands as a testament to Hassam’s dedication and strategy. Although facing some challenges along the way, Hassam’s leadership has driven successful outcomes and moved the project forward.
Beyond the Office: Outside of work, Hassam’s interests span a diverse range. His #1 passion is all things cars, but outside of that you will find him working on his fitness or doing some culinary exploration. He enjoys cooking and indulging in a variety of cuisines, particularly Italian and Middle Eastern dishes. When Hassam invites you over for dinner, you can expect to hear some techno music or be taken back with a little old-school hip-hop. You may not know that Hassam also draws and paints, showcasing his creative side.
Favorite Campus Spot: Hassam has fond memories of his migration of the Amistad Building, making it a favorite spot on Yale’s campus.