Meet Hank Ripperger: NGN Program Manager

Monday, November 27, 2023

About Hank: Hank Ripperger has been an integral part of the NGN project since its inception in early 2019. He finds it remarkable to see the processes and tools he helped create take shape within the project. Hank comes from an IT background in investment banks and is no stranger to high-pressure environments and technology rollouts. Two decades in that industry, which he equates to feeling like swimming with sharks every day, have left him well-prepared for any problem NGN could throw his way.

Hank’s Journey with NGN: As the NGN Program Manager, Hank coordinates the overall building migration phases and skillfully manages the interdependencies among resources, ensuring the project’s success. Hank’s journey with NGN began with the challenge of understanding program complexities and organizing them into repeatable processes. Now, he turns his focus to delivering solutions and overcoming new obstacles. One valuable lesson Hank has learned during his time on this team is the importance of embracing failure as a means to learn and grow.

Tech Marvel: In Hank’s opinion, one of the most thrilling technological advancements NGN is introducing to Yale’s campus is the deployment of Cisco switches and wireless access points. These are centrally managed and monitored through Cisco Identity Services Engine, a tool that provides a more intelligent, automated approach to network security.

Proud Teamwork: While moving the program closer to completion is always satisfying, Hank takes immense pride in collaborating with a diverse team of professionals, comprising Yale employees, consultants, and contractors.

Beyond the Office: Hank’s true passion lies in spending time with his family, including his mom, wife Cyn, son Charlie (who’s a Navy man!), daughter-in-law Chelsey, and grandchildren Olivia and Michael. He also finds time to enjoy a few hobbies like listening to and playing music, motorcycle journeys, and enjoying a good cigar. As a music enthusiast, Hank prefers to seek out live performances. At home, he’d choose listening to an album on a turntable over watching TV any day. Hailing from Baltimore, MD, he’s a die-hard Orioles fan. You may know Hank for his vibrant spreadsheets and presentations, so you’d be surprised to learn that he is color-blind!

Favorite Campus Spot: Hank’s preferred spot on campus is 25 Science Park, where he can learn and collaborate with his peers.