Meet David Woyciesjes: Transition Support Coordinator

Monday, October 16, 2023

About David: David, often known as Dave, is the Transition Support Coordinator on the NGN team, wearing multiple hats to ensure the smooth transition of networked devices and contributing significantly to successful migrations.

David’s Journey with NGN: With four years of dedicated service to NGN and a remarkable 24 years overall with Yale, David is an essential part of the NGN team. His primary responsibilities include identifying devices that require special configuration and developing remediation plans, as well as collaborating with DSPs, the ITS Help Desk, and other IT support teams to provide effective migration support. David also manages incident tickets generated due to migration work and he plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining technical articles that offer valuable information about NGN and device support. He is most proud of the NGN team’s remarkable work in minimizing the network’s downtime during migrations. A valuable lesson David has learned during his tenure on the NGN team is the power of a solid, collaborative team.

Behind the Scenes: One of the most exciting aspects of David’s work is the discovery process. It allows him to learn about advanced equipment used for research and other activities on campus.

Tech Enthusiast: David finds the hidden gems of the NGN the most thrilling. Although not all the innovations are visible to users, there are many benefits that come with the new, enhanced network. David is particularly looking forward to one such benefit – the advanced tools for monitoring network health and troubleshooting issues, which will significantly enhance user support and the overall network experience.

Beyond the Office: Outside the office you will likely find David on the ice or on stage. He plays bass guitar in a rock ‘n roll cover band called “AC/ZZ”. He also enjoys playing pick-up hockey and rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Quinnipiac Bobcats. Some other favorites include brewing and savoring craft beer, listening to the legendary band Rush, and finding a good lasagna. Here’s an interesting fact about David—despite his outgoing nature now, he used to be rather shy.

Favorite Campus Spot: David’s preferred spot on campus is any outdoor grassy area, where he can enjoy a relaxing moment.