Meet David Irwin: Senior Network Engineer

Monday, February 12, 2024
About David: David is a Senior Network Engineer on the NGN project. He joined the program with a considerable background in network engineering, having worked on a diverse set of projects and with a wide range of technology. David has a knack for tackling challenging issues and has always enjoyed learning new things. He enjoys experimenting with devices to determine what can be connected to a network and how they can be used to make life a little better. His passion for leveraging technology to improve lives shines through in his dedication to ensuring the countless specialty devices at Yale will connect to and function properly on the NGN network. 
David’s NGN Journey: David serves as a point of escalation for networking issues in addition to his duties planning and executing network migrations. Despite encountering challenges, particularly with older devices, David remains committed to finding the root of an issue and helping to ensure the successful deployment of the new network. Through his time on the NGN team, David has learned the importance of patience and precision, especially when making delicate changes. His advice to fellow team members emphasizes the need to resist the urge to hurry and to take the necessary time to ensure successful outcomes. 
Automated Excellence: David finds the level of automation utilized in NGN deployment truly impressive. This innovation not only streamlines processes but also sets the stage for a more efficient and responsive network infrastructure across Yale’s campus. 
Proud Achievements: David takes special pride in the successful migration of Yale’s medical and research labs. Knowing that his work contributes to advancements in healthcare and scientific research gives him a sense of fulfillment and purpose.  
Beyond the Office: Outside of his 9 to 5, David has a passion for games, from video games to a cozy board game on rainy days. A lover of sci-fi movies, he also likes to rock out to the psychedelic Brit band Pink Floyd. David enjoys his time in the kitchen too, especially when preparing one of his favorite dishes - a perfectly rare steak with garlic mashed potatoes. A fun fact about David is that he once turned down an opportunity to be an extra in a movie.  
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