NGN Attends Yale’s 2024 One IT Conference

A picture of the NGN leadership team at the conference
March 28, 2024

In the spirit of building and fostering connections across Yale’s IT community, Next Generation Network (NGN) Project leadership attended the 2024 One IT conference on March 20, 2024. The conference, driven by the goal of deepening relationships across Yale’s technological functions, echoed the University’s commitment to engagement with its IT community. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Advancing Collaboration’, showcasing the various IT communities at Yale and how they work together every day to provide top-notch support and services that drive the University’s academic, research, clinical, and cultural missions.

A special feature of NGN’s presence was a carefully crafted poster, underscoring the project’s inclusive approach and its role in fostering seamless collaboration across Yale’s campus. The poster highlighted key aspects of the NGN initiative, illustrating its expansive scope and impact. A diverse team of 50 works together to consolidate Yale under a single core network, allowing for faster and more secure collaboration both internally and externally. The team also cultivates partnerships with thousands of stakeholders across various departments, demonstrating how the NGN Program embodies the spirit of teamwork and cooperation highlighted by the conference’s theme. It takes collaboration and open communication between and among teams to successfully migrate over 160 buildings to the new network.

By showcasing its efforts at the conference, NGN reinforced its commitment to enhancing Yale’s technological landscape all while demonstrating the transformative potential of collaborative endeavors within the University’s IT community. As Yale continues its journey towards technological advancement, initiatives like NGN stand as shining examples of the power of unity and collaboration in driving progress.