Core Network Redesign

August 10, 2020

Following the discovery in February of a major flaw in the vendor’s network core design for Yale, the NGN team – in conjunction with the vendor – has since completed and gotten approval from the Program sponsors and the NGN Steering Committee on a new core network design. This new design is slated for deployment in FY21Q1.

The new core network will be significantly larger and more complex than the original design. The additional complexity is required to support the over 2000+ distributed core network devices that move traffic throughout Yale’s network. While the physical infrastructure will be more complex, the new system, just as with the old, will still be managed and operated via a single network configuration interface. This interface is the software-defined access (“SDA”) that is key to this state-of-the-art network technology.

The highly automated design meets all advanced security, resiliency, connectivity, and visibility requirements.